Let’s  start by considering this saying by George Bradt

“People don’t buy products, they buy brands”

When you think about it, consumers don’t buy what you are, but who you are. Your distinction as a brand represents your company's niche, products, values, and personality to your audience.

Without a business identity, it’s like running a restaurant without menus or opening a storefront without a sign. In short, your company simply doesn’t exist. So many businesses are skipping this crucial step in starting their business.

ASR Social Media Branding is a solution for packaging your company, your product, and your unique idea to make you more visible to your audience. We are very particular about creating a consistent, creative and unified brand across all your social media platforms.

The services offered in the social media branding include a logo and a header created by our talented graphic artists. Unlike Fiverr, our premium clients can work closely with our graphic artists to achieve the preferred brand for their business.

Don’t have an idea? Even if you are not a premium business client, we can still work with you for at our hourly rate, to assist you in designing a perfect brand for your company. We allow up to three revisions per project to make sure you are pleased with the final design.

Defining a brand personality is crucial to the success of your business simply because no matter where your customers see it, they know it’s your company. The ASR social media branding solution will carefully plan your company’s brand assets with the representation of a logo and the use of social media that will result in a significant increase in website traffic, improve search engine rankings, generate leads with high conversion rates and improve customer insights.

The branding package is essential for the success of your business. Our graphic artists will design a profile image and header that is consistent with your social networks. 

The pack will contain the design for your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These images will make your company recognisable and will add value to your business.