Social Media Management & Branding

In This Fast Moving Digital World, Every Second Counts!

You must have a fast and effective social media strategy to promote your brand, communicate with your prospects
and customers to stay ahead of your competitors.

Social Media Management

This service saves your business more time and generates more results. We intend to build the online presence of your brand, product or services on Social Media. We are here to utilise your major social media platforms, so you don’t have to. We do the heavy lifting for you!

Business Branding

We use our creativity and abilities to design a social media page that expresses your brand, product or services. Whatever the platform - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., we’ll guarantee great social media branding that your target audience will instantly connect with.

Business Sectors

We work with clients in several business sectors from online marketers to brick and mortar Businesses. We understand your challenges and concerns. Our service is flexible with no long-term commitments - you decide your starting package, and you can upgrade as your business grows.

ASR Management Service
We conduct a detailed assessment of your requirements and what you want to achieve. As we work with clients in several niches, we are sure to develop the best strategy for you to achieve your objective. We start by creating you a user account on our ASR platform, grouping all your social profiles into a single project such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. Pinterest or blogs.

Our SM managed package includes scheduling messages, set recurring publications, automatic publishing from an RSS resource, link shortening, and the ability to publish to multiple destinations at once.

Link Frames
We use link frame technology; this is the smarter way of sharing your content and allows us to attach a call-to-action on every link you share. It ensures that the content we share continues to present your brand even after the user clicks away onto shared content. We also implement Intelligent Social Automation, allowing us to automate your important tasks across your social media profiles.

All campaigns are tracked - you get a complete analysis of how your network responded to your message: clicks, conversions, geo and a lot more, sent to you daily or weekly. You specify how frequently you wish to have reports sent by our eMessaging service.

Wherever there's conversation about a topic that interests you, we'll deliver it to you. Tweets, Reviews, Blog Posts, News - you're covered. Find conversations with ease using simple keywords. Easily track conversations within your social profiles. Set up find alerts.

Business Reviews
Tracking business reviews is paramount. Many customers make their decisions based on what others say about you. It is not only important to engage with happy customers, negative feedback is just as important. In addition to being able to track your reviews, you can easily track anyone else's Yelp business reviews with Social Report.

Web Analytics
The ASR Platform tracks your website stats alongside your social data! Compare the impact of your social activity on your website trends. We pull data right from your Google Analytics account.

Historical Data

If you already have a social presence, ASR will load up to one month of historical data from your social profiles when we first add your profile (depending on the availability of data from each type of network).

PDF & Excel Reports
Download, email or upload sharp PDF reports to your Google Docs account. While our PDF reports create awesome presentation material, you can also download all data to Excel and create your custom reports.

Goals & Objectives
Curious to know if you can achieve your social goals? Perhaps reaching a certain number of followers on Twitter, or maybe getting a certain number of clicks from a campaign? We will predict the outcome!

Live Support
Chat with our support staff on Skype when you have a question. Our dedicated social management team conducts regular webinars giving you insight into what's working now and what's not, keeping you abreast of new trends and industry developments so that you always stay ahead of the game.

Promotional Offer!

We are currently offering our business and pro clients a one-year free subscription use of our feature-packed Facebook application. This is a highly recommended feature in our service for the following reasons. It will allow you to:

  • hand-o-right
    Generate more leads
  • hand-o-right
    Drive more  sales
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    Improve customer engagement.


The app is integrates into your Facebook business page and comes with a vast array of features such as the ability to run a sweepstake promotion, take payment, set up paid groups, sell merchandise directly from Facebook, plus much more.

There are many ways you could use the app, such as being able to capture your prospect details with just one click so you can follow-up with an email or use the app built-in Messenger feature. Messenger gives you direct communication with your contacts without taking them away from Facebook, the environment where they are most comfortable.

30-Day $1 Trial
The ASR account comes with all the features of the selected plan for 30 days at $1 charge. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at any time within the trial period. Once the trial period ends, the account will be charged on a monthly basis for the plan selected.

Here at ASR we use the application for our marketing promotions in several of our vertical markets and see a doubling of our contact base month on month.

And as a way of saying thank you for your business, we offer you
free one-year unrestricted use on us!