Business Sectors 

The power of social media is beyond a shadow of a doubt. These days, everyone you know owns at least one social networking account. It has become a popular means of communication and is widely used by people across all generations.

In fact, 90% of young adults aged 18 to 29 prefer this channel to connect with businesses. That being said, Azanatek Social Report (ASR) is in charge of launching a social media campaign for your business. Whether you’re in e-commerce, digital marketing, affiliate marketing or a traditional brick and mortar business, we know how to target these large, active and known audiences effectively.

We have supported on particular clients in kick-starting their eCommerce business. The client was relatively inexperienced in e-commerce. Our team was able to identify their vision and where they wanted to position their brand in the marketplace.

Being a business package subscriber, we were able to provide a detailed pre analysis and create a social media package consisting of Facebook business, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest branding across all their online assets, making the brand immediately recognised in their niche.

Moreover, our ASR tools allowed us to carefully plan, organise and manage their social content, campaigns, and promotional posts on all their social networking platforms. Through social media branding and social media marketing, our team designed a remarkable brand that focused on promoting their USP.

Digital Marketing
Our marketing team developed a detailed a social media action plan allowing our client to implement a rapid deployment campaign, to identify and reach the target market. Our client paid a premium for this extra consultancy, however, they were able to recoup this investment inside three months of launching the campaign.

Affiliate Marketers
We have worked with several Affiliate Marketing clients; we find these clients to be sensitive and concerned that their campaigns are not leaked, so our staff work under strict supervision and must first sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Should you have a sensitive project you would like us to work on, you can rest assured that our service offers you peace of mind.

Local Business
Not yet profiting from digital?  Not a problem, we can help you to get online. Indeed ASR started by selling our services to the offline business owner.

We can brand your offline business to engage with your target market, and develop an engaging social media strategy allowing your customers or prospects to feel as if they have walked into your premises and are having a face to face experience.

Whether you have a presence online or not, our expertise in Social Media Branding, Management and Lead Generation can transform your business into a 21st-century company capable of punching way above its weight.