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Direct Response Lead Generation
100% Done-For-You

The lifeblood of most businesses is attracting new leads and customers. We provid​e an alternative system so advanced that it allows our clients to put their marketing message in front of their perfect target customers even if they have never seen or heard of their business before.

The prospect sees the messages on their phones, tablets laptops and desktops with precision accuracy to ensure they are super qualified before they engage with the ads.

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Social Media Branding

Defining a brand personality is crucial to the success of your business simply because no matter where your customers see it, they know it’s your company. The ASR social media branding solution will carefully plan your company’s brand assets with the representation of a logo and the use of social media that will result in a significant increase in website traffic, improve search engine rankings, generate leads with high conversion rates and improve customer insights

Social Media Management 

We work with you to build the online presence of your brand, product or services on the Social Media platforms your prospects are most engaged. We use our creativity and abilities to design and manage your social media assets that express your brand, product or services that your target audience will instantly connect with. Whatever the platform you will have the most comprehensive performance data at your fingertips.

Marketing Automation Consultancy Service

Azanatek Marketing automation services can help you integrate all your marketing campaigns, from direct mail and phone campaigns to online and social initiatives. Beyond the time-saving and efficiency benefits of automation, marketing automation enables you to focus on other areas of your business processes that are essential to any modern marketing department.

In a Fast Moving Digital World Every Second Counts!

You must have a fast and effective social media strategy to promote your brand, communicate with your prospects and acquire customers to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Social Media Reporting

All campaigns are tracked - you get a complete analysis of how your network responded to your message: clicks, conversions, Geo and a lot more, sent to you daily or weekly. You specify how frequently you wish to have reports sent by our e Messaging service.

Wherever there's conversation about a topic that interests you, we'll deliver it to you. Tweets, Reviews, Blog Posts, News - you're covered. Find conversations with ease using simple keywords. Easily track conversations within your social profiles. Set up find alerts.

Social Media For Business
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Why Automate Your Business Processes
Marketing system automation enables you to adopt an integrated approach to generating, nurturing and converting leads into customers. Marketing automation[...]

Free Intro To Marketing
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Tracking Reviews

Tracking business reviews is paramount. Many customers make their decisions based on what others say about you. It is not only important to engage with happy customers, negative feedback is just as important. In addition to being able to track your reviews, you can easily track anyone else's Yelp business reviews with Social Report.

Web Analytics

The ASR Platform tracks your website stats alongside your social data! Compare the impact of your social activity on your website trends. We pull data right from your Google Analytics account.

Historical Data

If you already have a social presence, ASR will load up to one month of historical data from your social profiles when we first add your profile (depending on the availability of data from each type of network).